Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Shredder Hates Me - What We Did this Weekend

Happy Monday all! Did you have a good weekend? This weekend was a three day-er for me, in that I took Friday off to do our taxes. I TOTALLY know how to party. (Spoiler alert - I kind of like doing taxes. Math soothes me.)

The kitchen calendar has been changed from February/March to March/April. Spring has been sprung at our casa.

I completed most of our 1040, but did not finish. I got a little distracted trying to organize our files. I did manage to move almost all our files folders from our old, sad, fake wood file cabinet to our new-to-us (and free to us) kick-ass steel ones. Yay! I am happy to have a little more organization in our home office.

I also shredded three giant bags worth of old documents. Once I started weeding, I could not stop. It was so much shredding that I had to take a pause when the shredder overheated. Luckily the shredder came back to life, the paper-trail continued to disappear, and recycling let the circle of life continue.

What happened to the paperless environment?

Saturday was sunny and breezy and warm-ish and awesome, especially for the beginning of March. We took the dogs to the park to enjoy the awesome sunshine, then headed to Hershey to attend a family event. On the way we stopped by the Pottery Barn outlet to look for a rug. We left with mixed results - we were looking for an 8x10 rug, came home with a 9x2.5 runner, an 8x10 rug pad, an ice scoop, and two outdoor lights. We may be Pottery barn outlet addicts.
An ice scoop to add to the bar set. Now of course we need an ice bucket.

One of two outdoor lights that will replace our current original fixtures (not original in the good way - original in the old, grimy, scary, rusted way)

Carpet runner purchased for dog safety

Carpet pad, hopefully soon to be converted into two or three carpet pads.

Our goal was an 8x10 rug, which did not happen. On the up side, the back porch light used to look like this:

It's a jelly jar from 1977.
but now looks like this:

Pretty! Not rusted to the wall! So many pluses!

The rest of Saturday we spent with family or driving home from being with family. What with the late night driving and the time change, it was a rough Sunday morning.

Sunday, once we did get out of bed, we did the grocery shopping for the week and cooked and cooked. We made mini-frittatas:
Kale and goat cheese mini-frittata cups. Yum.

and a cheesy breakfast casserole:

Cheesy Potato Tomato Breakfast Casserole. Double Yum. Thank you Faith Durand.

We love making a bunch of food on the weekend and then eating lunch from it all week. You?

The rest of Sunday we walked the dogs and put up the back porch light. During said back porch lighting, we also lost then found one of our cats. It was quite a weekend. 

I hope you also had a good weekend. What did you do?

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