Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our favorite things, tools edition

My favorite tool for the past few months? This guy:
Removing baseboard in the now dining room

He is PERFECT for pulling off all kinds of molding without messing up the drywall. He even helps remove stubborn carpet staples with his paper thin head. Let me tell you, I ruined a lot of drywall prior to this guy. I was not sure what he was called (other than delightful) until I found him online at He's a

Bostitch 10" Steel Moulding Bar with Grip

If you are starting a renovation that will require moulding removal, I would HIGHLY recommend our guy Bostitch, or "boss" as we like to call him.

Happy removing!


  1. He is indeed delightful. We'd take him out for drinks, if he were old enough. :)

  2. He's barely two, so I am guessing that's not legal. :)