Monday, March 19, 2012

Negative Failure - What We Did This Weekend

Happy Monday all! How was your weekend? We had one of those weekends that just sped past. We were always doing something, but looking back it seems like we did not get that much done for all the work we put into 48 hours. A recap of our activities:


Both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning we spent thrifting. Thifting/antiquing is one of our favorite activities, however it seems like very few trips ending in an actual purchase. Magically, this weekend we scored big with a ten dollar light fixture:
It's brass. but we already been primed it and will soon be another color. Possibly gray?

We also have wanted a window seat in our bedroom, and this cabinet should fit almost perfectly. It just needs a new paint job and possibly some new hardware.

Lastly, we bought this great blue velvet wing-backed chair. I LOVE velvet. I would like (ala George Costanza) to be surrounded by it 24/7. Oh social convention, why do you not want me to be happy? I will have to content myself with velvet furniture until our society is willing to open its mind to a velvet covered world.
Hello! My name is Chester. I'm pretty. 
We got $15 off the chair and cabinet when I offered the manager $105 for both (originally the chair was $55 and the cabinet $65). With tax both items ended up just shy of $112.

The haggle does not come naturally to me. I was charged with adrenaline for like an hour after we left the store. Mike (the husband) is also not a natural haggler. He usually does his best to stay on the other side of the store when a deal is going down. This trip I was pleasantly surprised in that he did not run away mid-haggle or try and offer the man more than the asking price. Progress!

We are thinking of using Chester as a desk chair in the office. His back is somewhat stained, so if we cannot clean him up enough, he can have a forward facing home in our bedroom instead.

Saturday we also went to Lowe's to buy a piece of drywall for the kitchen. We were worried that we would not be able to fit a whole piece of drywall in the all-serving minivan (minivan, megafun!) so we became the people cutting drywall in the parking lot.

Large piece of drywall, small trunk
No problem, just measure the width you need, score it with a utility knife,

and snap it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Drywall that will fit into the van.

That night we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with friends.

Ahh, I am starting to remember what we spent so much of this weekend doing - yes it's coming back now -  hanging out with friends until way too late, and then sleeping way into the next morning. Oh well, the party was worth it.

On Sunday we did manage to fix food for the week, a bunch of recipes from different awesome blogs- including rice bowls with cashews and tofu (awesome!), oatmeal muffins (okayish - could have done without the fruit - used pecans instead of walnuts),

Potato and squash gratin - so easy and so yummy - we used some of the last of the blue potatoes from our garden

Vanilla Bean Scones - so good - but very time consuming - this picture is pre-icing

Chickpea Casserole - so amazing and flavorful

We always feel so good when we have our food for the week ready by the time the work week starts. Sunday was a yummy day, and now the rest of the week will be too.

We also primed the light fixture:
Rustoleum primer - seemed to work great

Our last major weekend project was hanging some drywall in the kitchen where the soffit used to be. It was NOT easy -  thus the name of this post. By the end of holding half a sheet of drywall over his head for a long, long, long time, as I screwed in the other side, ran some errands, and recited the pledge of allegiance (or that is how long it seemed at least), Mike said his muscles reached negative failure. In other words, he could not lift his arms over his head for the next few minutes.

Happily, the ex-soffit now has the start of drywall, both on the wall and the ceiling:

Even this little bit makes such a difference. We are adding not taking away. Thank goodness.

So that was our weekend. What did you do?

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