Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Master Bedroom, Then and Now

Our master bedroom is currently upstairs in the largest bedroom. Largest bedroom! Makes sense, right? Where else would it be? 

When we first moved here, we slept in the now living room so that we could paint upstairs. It was strange, for months we didn't use the upstairs at all except to shower. I would sometimes forget it was there. Plus, the downstairs was as big as our Philly apartment and twice as big as any space I'd had in NYC, so not having more space seemed totally normal.We did not have many people over to experience the mattress on the living-room floor, but it was working for us short-term.

Our first "master bedroom" in the living room of our home sweet townhome. Note the now walk-through to the kitchen is still just a pass-through in this picture.

Then one day one of the cats got mad that we had guests, the bed suffered, and so we moved upstairs to a room with a door. We were now (then) sleeping in the now guest room. It was nice to have a door, but the bed was still on the floor.

Our office bedroom with the Daisy - the bed basically filled up the whole room

In the "real" master, we were painting, removing carpet, and installing crown and chair rail molding. It was also basically serving as our work room and tool shed.

The master bedroom as a tool shed and workspace during painting

The master after adding crown and chair rail, still a tool shed, still orange shag, but improving

This is where the compressor, miter saw, and plants lived for several months. We weren't worried about messing up the carpet. In fact, we reveled in its destruction.

Not to be snotty, but we are still enamored with our color choices

Then we started pulling up the carpet. Joy! Happiness! Orange shag be gone! Yay!! Don't breath in too deeply.

The underlay just kind of disintegrated. Gross-ness.
After a few months with our future bedroom as a construction area, we had painted, molding-ed, removed hundreds of carpet staples, and de-shag-ed so we moved in to our (hopefully) final location. A bedroom connected to the bathroom! Oh happy day! Yes, we were and are without real flooring. Aka, we are still on the subfloor. At least the walls looked awesome. 

Our bed, off the floor at last
 Since the big move, we have put up curtains and shears and added a black-out layer to the curtains.

When we bought the house, the only overhead lights upstairs were in the bathroom and the hall. We had electricians install overhead lights in every room, but we did not yet have fixtures. So the electricians installed whatever fixture and bulb they had in the truck. Practically every room got something different. Our room got a spotlight. Unique, yes. Staying? Not so much.

We still have not decided on what to do with the floors. We are thinking of carpet, so that the dogs are not always slipping.

We have two big closets, but if all goes according to plan, we hope to lose one to expand the bathroom. . .someday. The closet we plan to keep we Elfa-ed and we LOVE it.

The open door leads to the hall, the closed door goes to the bathroom. The stairs to nowhere serve to get the dogs to high places when needed (like the car or the bed).

Daisy rightly thought the pictures would benefit from her being in them. She really ups the pretty factor.

Barbara Eden felt the same way.

So now we just need to:
  • Decide on a floor covering (maybe carpet?)
  • Pay for the floor covering (maybe sell some plasma?) (kidding)
  • Install a window seat
  • Put in some extra closets
  • Put in a light fixture (the husband is thinking a fan and I am still thinking)
  • Install some bookshelves
  • Put in some seating
  • Get new side tables
  • Get some drawers for under the bed
  • Put up some curtains for closet doors
  • Hang some art and a mirror
  • Other stuff that is not occurring to me right now but will in the future
So we are maybe half to a third of the way on the master? How are you doing in the room where you spend at least a third of your day? Do you have carpet? Do you like it?

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