Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Light Dreaming

I dreamed about finding/buying light fixtures last night.

This is probably not healthy.

There were many antique light fixtures in my dream, and in one instance I saw an awesome ceiling pendent on the curb. We could not pull over right away, so we had to circle the block. Driving back someone else had already taken it. It looked like this but in my dream it was hot pink.

It looked good in pink.

Perhaps I need a small house renovation break.

:) RM


  1. How did you find the light from your ream on the internet, even if not in pink? Or had you found it onoline first, and then it entered your dream in pink?

    1. Oh I have been daydreaming about that light for a LONG time. I guess it has now infiltrated my subconscious too!