Monday, March 5, 2012

I Know What We Did Last Weekend (and after reading this you will too!)

Unless plaster dust scares you this should not be as scary as the movie. . .

Last weekend we. . .
  • Continued to tear down the soffit. Had I know this would be such a process, I might not have knocked a hole in it one night to see what was in there. 

 Nevermind, I still would have done that. Anyway, I think we might actually be in the adding instead of removing phase. Next stop, wood on the cinder block so we can rehang the upper cabinets and then drywall. Yay! Our backs are still recovering from the contortions needed for soffit removal. We would not do well on Survivor.
  • Hung the curtain rod and curtains that I got on sale at West Elm. Having consumed several Pimm's Deluxe cocktails (yum!!) at the Dandelion pre-shopping evening, I was happy to see that non-tipsy me enjoyed my purchase as much as super excited me had enjoyed them in the store.
Sorry - atrocious picture. Any suggestions on how to take photos into a lighted window?

  • Spent time on the phone with West Elm because my curtain rod box was missing a finial. (Update - they mailed me a new one and the curtain rod is double finial-ed and fabuluos!)
  • Spent time on the phone with Home Depot because one of our fav tools, the Ryobi Laser Level, had stopped vacuum fixing to the wall. Instead it would just fall, which I have to tell you, makes it really hard to level things. They told us to bring the receipt to Home Depot (which I had filed from almost 2 years ago, yay me) to return it. (Update - we did, and now we have a new one.)
  • The delightful husband put together his new table saw that I got him for Valentine's Day. We really do know romance.

All and all it was a productive weekend. What did you do?

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