Friday, March 16, 2012

February and March flowers bring . . .wait, that's not how it goes. . .

It's supposed to be April showers bring May flowers, right? Not so much this year.

This winter has been VERY mild in the Northeastern United States. I know that many other parts of the world have had the opposite experience, but here in PA, the flowers started in February this year. In Texas, some of the flowers have already come and gone by February, but here in PA this is not a common experience. So now we are in March and in our front bed (lots of sun) all kinds of things are starting to bloom.

In early February, our beds already looked like this. Try to ignore the horrid white pipe (working on it) and focus on the lovely crocuses.
Last late February, our bed looked like this:

Things were barely started to pop their green heads out of the ground. And now. . .

The flowers greet me every night when I get home, and it makes me happy.

As always, I say WELCOME spring! We missed you! I hope your Spring flowers greet you this week.

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