Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everyone's Your Friend in New York City - What We Did This Weekend

This weekend started with Friday in New York City. Yay!!! Love and miss New York! I was there to go to the dentist (She's awesome, and I will commute for good dental care.) and then to hang out with friends. New York friends!! Love and miss New York friends! (Theme - anyone catch it yet?) Sadly, we did not take any pictures.

While we were there I proved that I am no longer a New Yorker by (wait for the pain) shopping at Pottery Barn. We were looking for a pestle for the bar cart. Yes, I visited a chain store in NYC. Feel free to judge. I judge myself and all like me. I used to make fun of the tourists at the Gap in Times Square. You have a Gap where you live! It's the same stuff. Now I am one of them. I feel nauseated.

Then the worst is - we found a super cute pestle for $8, which is not a bad price. We also found a light fixture for the half bath for (wait for it again) $13.97! It was orginally $149.00! Universe - stop rewarding bad behavior! I know - whore for a bargain. Again, if it makes you feel any better, I am ashamed of myself.

On Saturday we chill-axed, as apparently we find hanging out with friends, shopping, driving, eating chips and drinking margaritas exhausting. Our lives are so hard. We also went antiquing that afternoon at a local antique mall. We did not buy anything, but we were very tempted by a seltzer bottle for the bar cart and very fascinated by a guy next to us on his cell who was surprised to learn his daughter was pregnant. I mean, it was like we got to live it with him. He first followed us around talking on the phone, and then we ran into him later discussing it with his girlfriend.

On Sunday we soffit-ed again. It may never end. We put up a metal piece to support a duct, took down the last extraneous piece of wood, and added a support beam to hold up the box around the pipes.

The metal tape now supporting the duct. Getting the drill in there was not easy. Luckily the husband had me there to share supportive words such as, "Are you done? I'm hungry!"

We also had dog/park time each day, tried a few smaller projects, made yummy vegetarian dumplings, watched several old Big Bang Theories and ate copious amounts of Greek food. And you? Anyone else going to reek of garlic for the rest of the week from one too many pita chips full of Tzatziki?


  1. Umm, not every Gap has the same stuff. I can attest to that. And bigger stores have more stuff. Also, I think NY'ers shop at Pottery Barn, otherwise they wouldn't be able to keep the stores open - and I don't think people apologize for it(I like Pottery Barn, BTW). Also,I left NY for Oregon because it's just not so cool anymore, and it's overpriced beyond any reason!

    1. I like Pottery Barn too, but I can go there anywhere - even online. I feel like if you have less than, let's say, a year in NYC, you should go to all the places that do not exist elsewhere in the world.

      NYC was always like having another friend or partner out there every time I walked out the door. It is expensive, but to me, always amazing. I do like Oregon too, but I didn't live there for 9 years, so it's not the same.