Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Brass Light Re-Do, cont.

So we worked on the thrifted brass light from this weekend again this evening, trying to turn our brass lights gray. (That was meant to be a spin on Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue, but I think we can both agree it did not quite get there.)

This weekend, I spray painted it with gray primer, and we liked how it looked so much, we decided that should be its permanent color. Having painted many of our rooms gray, we still had LOTS of paint samples, enough in fact to make a gray rainbow, if there was such a thing.

We were afraid to go too blue, in case it looked too baby boy. I wanted really light gray; Mike was leaning toward dark. We settle in the middle on "Legend" by Valspar. I think it is the 4th from the left in the picture above.


Earlier this year, we read that you could paint any paint over spray primer, even hobby paint, so we are hoping satin wall paint over spray primer will work. Interestingly, with one coat brushed on the light fixture, the color seems very very close to the primer color, when on the sample lid it looked a lot darker. 

It's coming off a lot whiter in the pictures. In real life, it's really gray. While I painted, I paid the most attention to looking from the bottom up, since I figure that will be the most viewed area.

So far, it looks pretty smooth. Hopefully it will dry well. One disadvantage to the wet paint being the same color as the primer is that it is hard to see what is covered and what is not.

The top half of this is painted, the bottom half is just primed. Hopefully once it dries tomorrow we can see where we stand. The project sits in the, "I want it done to see how it looks in our room already" stage.

While we worked, we admired the forsythia that we planted last year. It popped yesterday, but I had to work late, so today was the first day I could enjoy it.

The forsythia is blooming, the trees, especially the magnolias and cherries are out, and the bulbs are going crazy. Spring has totally sprung in PA. How is it at your house?

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