Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Bar Cart - Pinterest Challenge

On Pinterest (such an awesome way to save images online!) I kept seeing all these well-appointed bar carts like this:

and I wanted one too! We now have a grand total of 4 bottles of alcohol in the house. People should be able to see!

As soon as they walk into the living room, we want our friends to know that we have the ability to make them a Pimm's Deluxe or a margarita (but that's really pretty much it). We also have many beautiful pieces of depression era glassware from my Great Aunt Minnie, and it would be nice to display them. It would even save us cabinet space. It seemed like a win-win. The lose-lose part of this is that bar carts are not cheap. Happily, at the antique mall one day we meet this guy (please excuse the painter's tape):

Note - in the picture - it's summer. This was one of those delayed projects.

He was $15 dollars regular price, but a sale put him in our van (not in the creepy way) for something like $12.75. Even the cashier commented, saying that this was the least expensive bar cart he had sold in a long time. We were not digging the color, so out came the spray paint. First primer:

and lots and lots of taping to spray the inside green and the outside white.

Eventually everything was spray painted. The cart then lived in the basement for many months, as other projects took our attention, and we debated whether the green was too pool table/ tennis court. We are going to live with it awhile before we decide.

Inspired by the Pinterest challenge, we finally put it together tonight.

Then we loaded it up:

Now it sits at the back of the living room, looking awesome and especially looking done. Thanks Pinterest challengers. You helped me get on it all ready!

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Margarita anyone?

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