Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Kitchen Today

Our kitchen was not everything we would have dreamed when we moved into our townhouse. It may - in fact - have not have been anything we dreamed, but at least the appliances (circa 1977) worked. They looked like they had stayed too long at the disco, done a few drugs too many, and never gotten the needed plastic surgery, but they functioned.

Admittedly, a year and a half later, our kitchen is still not all that we want. However, happily, it is getting ever closer to something we can use, enjoy, and not cringe from when we walk by in the morning. The kitchen cringes from our morning breath and we cringe from its general it-ness.

Grab your blankies and think of your happy place. Here is what it looked like when we moved into the place (minus the wallpaper which was thankfully removed before we saw the house):

Are you scared? Golden Oak, soffit, some strange green plastic countertop, ugly laminate floors (new by the way - that does not help you sell a house people - it just looks cheap!), old appliances, off center lights. . . the list could continue, but I am starting to feel nauseous remembering it all.

Anyway, since our closing in July 2010, we have spent our nights and weekends tearing out, replacing, knocking down, painting, rebuilding, replacing, and in general blood, sweat, and tearing all over our kitchen. When we are able to move our tired muscles upwards, there is a lot of proud high-fiving between us. When sore muscles do not allow such strenuous movements, we simply give each other an encouraging eyebrow raise.

So here is where we are now. It's still a mess; we know. However, we are able to rejoice everyday in how far we have come!

We have removed the soffit, bought a new refrigerator and stove, removed cabinets, painted cabinets, added a new sink, facet, and sink cabinet, added another new lower cabinet, opened up the pass-through to a walk-through, cut new countertops, installed hardwood floors and so much more.

Not only that, but the best thing about this kitchen is it has magical powers. It can produce beautiful, delectable, belly-filling things like these:

MMM! Giant Cheesy popovers!

More details on the kitchen to follow. In the meantime, head over to Apartment Therapy's the Kitchn to get the popover recipe and make your life more magical (and yummy)!