Monday, January 10, 2011


We continue to work on our lovely home. (Yes, we think our home is lovely! Despite its faults, much like your awkward and in an ugly phase junior-high child, we still love her and know she is just a scruffy duckling ready to turn into a swan.)

Our 1977 townhome is finally starting to show its potential. This is due mainly to the fact that we have had a few weekends lately with free-time. (For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of free-time, it is time where you are not out of town, at work, or have guests of your own, and where you are able to forget or ignore all the little things you really should be doing like writing Christmas thank-you notes, vacuuming up dog-hair from the carpet, or making dinner so you will not order out for the third time this week.) Free-time is delightful and hard to find. We are so pleased that the new year has provided us with some.

In our free weekends we have put up chair rail in our bedroom, put up beadboard wainscoting in the guest bedroom (that project is actually a few months old), caulked the beadboard in the guest bedroom, attempted to caulk the chair rail in our bedroom, and unclogged an extremely stubborn bathroom sink. (Thank you 25-foot snake and Team Hampo's inborn persistence and arm strength.) Yay us! Needless to say, we have muscles in new places, pride in our accomplishments, and aches in various bones and joints. The joy of the home is ours.

Pictures to follow.

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