Monday, January 31, 2011

PA pride

I was in a hiring lunch today and one of the theater professors (a NYC resident for 15 years) mentioned that she was in denial that she lived in Pennsylvania.

Instant response from me - ME TOO!

Perhaps not the best impression to leave with our job candidate, but it was a honest response.

In addition, at a dinner party this weekend, I mentioned that I would probably root for Greenbay in the Superbowl. This apparently deeply offended another guest who asked me where my Pennsylvania Pride was!?!?


Yes. He was serious. Sigh.

Not that PA is all bad. I just did not move to the East Coast to live in PA, and whatever magic that is here has not caught me yet. I am still waiting. Perhaps thus the focus on our home. I like our home and love the people and pets in it. The magic there has definitely caught me.

In regards to PA, I like the candles in the windows, but the obsession with hunting, ice and snow with little public transport, donuts fried in lard, and terrible roads has not yet caught my fancy.

In short, I am in denial and up to my elbows in home renovation. All and all I find it a pretty good place to be.

Go Greenbay!

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