Friday, January 21, 2011

More snow

I got in my car this morning after hours (literally 5:30 to almost 8 AM) of shoveling by my husband and our neighbor, during which I slept (slacker - I know).  After driving for about 45 seconds the traffic report declared that the road I wanted to take was icy and "had not been touched." I turned back around.

I so wanted to stay home today and work on caulking molding, but I did not want to take a vacation day. So after another hour, I got back in my car and headed to work in the Corolla. The drive could have been worse. Most of the snow I encountered was at the very beginning and very end of my journey.

So I will have to caulk tomorrow. Here is hoping that those stupid nail holes finally look filled after this coat of caulk. The holes look small, but they are apparently infinite and refuse to be filled. Argh!

Safe travels everyone!

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