Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving right along

The PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) has come!

The PODS arrives in suburbia! They unload it off the truck with this transformer like machine - so no tilting!

It has also gone - all in the span of 24 hours.

At the beginning of October we flew to Houston and spent less than 48 hours in the land of chile con queso. We rented a giant SUV and drove to Livingston (where PODS apparently fears to tread). With the help of many family members, we loaded up the SUV, my Mom's van, and my brother-in-law's car with furniture and ephemera from my grandparent's house. We drove the things to my Mom's house in Houston, loaded the PODS, ate Mexican food, slept, and then got back on the plane to PA.

After eating lunch in the Cleveland airport, (ahh, the romance) we picked up the dogs from the in-laws, drove from Harrisburg to suburbia (2 hours), slept, then went to work. This was an exhausting weekend. I feel tired after typing the summary. However, if additionally we had to drive all the furniture from Texas to PA, I do not think we would have arrived in one piece (at least mentally).

So PODS to the rescue. For the next two weeks, while we were working, eating, sleeping, commuting, animal amusing, and living our everyday lives, the PODS was slowly making its way northward. It was delivered to the townhome's parking lot last Friday. The family and the husband had done a wonderful job in Texas tetris-ing all our new belongings into the PODS, so everything arrived intact, even the china! (I would have helped pack the PODS, but my mother had sent me in search of all my high school and college belongings still living at her house that she wanted gone, gone, gone.)

So the PODS arrived on Friday afternoon. We unloaded on Friday night. By Saturday afternoon, the PODS was gone, and we had furniture!

The husband unlocking the PODS. Will things have survived?
The inside of the PODS pre-unload. Tetris works!

Our den no longer looks like a storage unit. It actually looks like a den. The peace of mind this brings is palpable. Walking into our house is so much more, well, everything now.

Our den pre-adding furniture from Texas. Depressing!

As Rosie O'Donnell used to say, I make no money from these people, I just enjoy their product. Huzzah PODS! Thank you!

Stay tuned for pictures of the den now!