Friday, October 8, 2010

A little about me. . .

I currently live reluctantly in the suburbs of Philly (I did not really want to reveal that to anyone, but the post office screwed me there), with aspirations to move to Austin in __ years. (Pet peeve - books that use a blank instead of a name. She was murdered by Mr. G____ in the city of K____. Just make something up. A blank is not helpful to me.) In this case the blank is contingent on my husband and I agreeing on a time frame, and at least one of us finding a job.

Before this section of my life, I lived in Manhattan for 8 years. I grew up in Houston, TX. I enjoyed both places greatly. When I first moved to PA, we lived in Philadelphia. However, Philly has yet to reveal its magical side to me. I am not sure that I did all I could to seek it out, and maybe it was partly Manhattan hangover, but either way, I have not felt the vibe man.

So, we were living in Philadelphia, waiting for the magic, and then we bought a house in the suburbs. The pros of this included a shorter commute for me, and taxes that were dramatically less. The cons - we now live in suburbia. In addition, I now feel it necessary to pull out a 5 minute explanation when someone questions where I am from.

Conversation 3 years ago:

Other: Where do you live?
Me: New York City
Other: Wow
Me: I know

Conversation now:

Other: Where do you live?
Me: Outside of Philadelphia. I lived in New York for a long time, and I am from Texas, but I moved so that my husband and I could be in the same city. I mean, we would live in Philly, but the commute for me would be terrible. My husband did not want to live in NYC, so I moved to PA as kind of a compromise. We would live here for a while, and then we would end up in Texas. I am not sure when that will happen, because of the economy and all, but hopefully in 3 to 5 years. We both really like our jobs and all, but I miss walking to things and just city life. So we live in the suburbs. We bought a townhouse. The carpet is burnt orange and aqua. We're working on it.
Other: (Other left halfway through this monologue for a drink, and will probably not be returning).

So that is a little bit about where I am physically. Living in suburbia. Mentally? I like my job, really like my home life (husband, pets, king-sized bed), and I am concentrating on redecorating our townhouse.

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